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Southbank Place Spa & Fitness Suite

A unique mixed-use development with the famous Shell Centre Tower at its heart.

Location Southbank, London

Sector Spa & Leisure

Centrally located underneath Southbank Place, the generous 2,000 sqm spa is set across various zones with the spacious reception area acting as the hub. The space consists of two gyms, separate studios, plush changing rooms, a vitality pool, a sauna, and a steam room.

To create warm and radiant ambient light Portview introduced a system of sensory experiences throughout the spa, to overcome the challenge of a basement location. The design creates an immersive feeling of light and space through carefully concealed architectural lighting that casts a warm glow across rich surfaces, while decorative lighting provides beautiful accents throughout the space.

On the pool deck itself, the tranquillity continues with a stunning 25m heated swimming pool, with glowing feature lighting and glass drops specifically crafted to allude to the flow of water. Despite the challenges of working in a hot and humid environment, tactile luxury was not ignored. Artisans embroidered panels of marine-grade faux leather, with Portview ensuring that the detailing of the high-specification design and custom joinery throughout the entire area was brought to life.

Sustainable timber, certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council, was selectively installed throughout the space, and is most impressively displayed in the reception and spa entry area. The timber was used for the flooring, panels, joinery, and doors. The saunas’ hemlock and spruce bear the ‘Blue Angel’ quality certificate label, for particularly low-emission products made of wood and wood materials. The knotless, robust wood of the Canadian Hemlock Fir and Aspen are not only beautiful and comfortable but are also durable and resin-free.

Key Point

Heated Swimming Pool

A serene city oasis where residents can escape to relax, unwind, and reinvigorate.

A light and calming palette of sensitively selected natural materials paired with ambient lighting creates a cocoon-like space within an uber-contemporary spa setting.

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