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Menswear Department, Harvey Nichols

Prestigious fit-out for Harvey Nichols at the iconic Knightsbridge flagship. The ambitious store modernisation became the expression of contemporary luxury, redefining the Harvey Nichols shopping experience.

Location Knightsbridge, London

Sector Luxury Retail

Size 2301m2, Timescale 30 weeks

The space features a collection of specialised boutiques, where rooms are treated as a gallery of eclectic art installations. Equipped with a mission to target forward-thinking customers, the design aesthetic nurtures ease and creativity in equal measure, while digital imagery collides with decadent cut marble and cool concrete.

Traditionally luxurious fabrics were paired with textured materials, including 5,200 egg cups, pebble dash, stained plywood in sculpted 3D patterns, brick slips and slate roofing tiles, to create a sense of movement and controlled disruption. Vintage furniture, custom-designed carpets and rugs appear in almost every room, in addition to hand-made two-tone concrete tiles in the Contemporary room.

The new and vast Style Concierge suite features multiple interlinked large dressing rooms that allow the space to be either compartmentalised or used as a grand private space. Vast mirror surfaces, generous fitting rooms all fitted with modesty cupboards and interesting pieces of contemporary furniture and art, as well as a private bar.

An important aspect of the new space is the introduction of Project 109, a space that houses a cafe-come-cocktail bar, a barber shop, and an installation space which will showcase a series of pop-ups and immersive experiences. Innovation always comes back to how customers interact with the store and encourages customers to spend as much time as possible inside the luxurious surroundings.

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